What Educators are saying about The Coach One Teacher Evaluation System

I had the opportunity to test Coach One Teacher Evaluation System as a teacher, coach and evaluator and I love it. This system gets better every year because it has helpful tools that support coaching teachers, so they can achieve their classroom goals and plan what strategies they can use to achieve it. As a teacher, the communication logs are great, and I receive constant feedback to improve my deliberate plan. As an evaluator, I have a better idea of what criteria are expected in a classroom. My first year I used the hard copy of this system and this year using the software makes it so much easier!

Mrs. Tanisha Valcarcel, Team Leader
West Broward Academy

Coach One is user friendly, much quicker than the paper book. By the system calculating the averages, it saves a lot of time.

Mrs. Amanda Phillips, Team Leader
Excelsior Charter of Broward

December 5, 2014

Dear Coach One Staff,

I want to thank you for developing an effective and SMART way to evaluate, track, coach and provide support to all my teachers here at Excelsior. I find the program to be very user friendly. I love how as a director, using the administrator log in, I can leave feedback for each teacher as they work through their Deliberate Practice Plans, and I can make suggestions and provide support as needed and the program keeps track of all of our communications. In addition, we found it very efficient that the program is designed to track the teacher's evaluation history within the school, so I can look for growth and continue to monitor the teachers’ progress throughout the school year.

It is very helpful be able to leave feedback on the program. If I encounter any problems, or if I want to make a suggestion, I can just click on the Feedback tab, and the information goes directly to the programmer. I think that all these resources are very convenient, and I look forward to continue using this program in the years to come.

Cristina Reynolds, Director
Excelsior Charter of Broward Inc.

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