National Educational Improvement Plan

National Vision

The vision of the online Coach One performance evaluation system is to: (1) provide a reliable and stable national-state-district wide method to evaluate personnel, (2) facilitate educators’ and administrators’ performance with real-time data, and (3) help achieve consistent learning growth among administrators, educators, and students. The system will create a relationship between educational needs and the demand by stakeholders to maintain consistent student learning growth.

National Plan

A nationwide adoption of the Coach One evaluation system would generate instructional performance data from across the country, which could be used to determine if the nation is achieving the required instructional progress of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 and assist any state showing learning deficiencies.

State Plan

The State Department of Education (DOE), at any time, will be able to access quantitative performance data of the districts and the state, allowing for the allocation of resources and providing academic support to low-performance districts. Coach One performance data portal will allow the state DOE to monitor the implementation of each district instructional-personnel and school-administrator performance progress.

District Plan

By using the Superintendent evaluation portal, Coach One (C1) evaluation system will allow school district superintendents to implement a valid and reliable procedure for evaluating the performance of duties and responsibilities of all instructional, administrative, and supervisory personnel employed by the school district based on performance data. The superintendents will be able to analyze their district-school performance reports, proactively address learning deficiencies, and implementing an action plan at any time during the school year. In addition, obtain end of the year data reports to design the next year’s district-school strategic improvement plan.

School Plan

The school administrators will be able to explore real-time teacher evaluation quarterly data and use it to coach personnel and establish individual intervention plans to improve teachers’ educational practices.

Teacher Plan

As a performance strategy to positively impact student learning, the Coach One system enables educators to evaluate their progress and design a professional development plan to improve their instructional practices based on state educator standards.

Evaluation Definition

The Coach One evaluation system uses contemporary methods and research. It is based on a multi-dimensional school leadership and educational approach that, when done correctly, have a positive impact on faculty development and student learning. The evaluation is designed to help the educators achieve higher level of performance, using constructive feedback, mentoring, collaboration, and coaching. It is flexible and can be customized to address the needs of school districts and will aid in maintaining a vertical communication and interaction between parents and nation.

Purpose Statement

The main purpose of Coach One is to provide an effective evaluation system that parent, teacher, school, districts, and states can have access and use to increase student-learning growth based on improving the quality of instructional practices, administrative leadership, and supervisory services in traditional public schools and/or charter schools.

Coaching Plan

According to multiple studies, coaching is central to achieving teacher performance and growth. By using research studies, our system incorporates a coaching support for three (3) quarters, leading to professional growth and better end of the year teacher summative performance progression. The Coach One Evaluation has an enhanced feedback system to provide effective communication between evaluatee, coaches, evaluators and administrators, enhancing communication among the stakeholders.

Coaching Framework

The approved Online Evaluation consists of a multiple-measure evaluation process, based on research, and uses a quantitative method to measure teacher performance according to state law requirements, as follows:

Four metrics to evaluate Student Growth based on the test type from, standardized assessment, district test, end of the year course and curriculum or school made test.
  1. Value Added Model
  2. Annual Measurable Objectives
  3. Mean Subject Results
  4. Student Learning Objectives
Four metrics to evaluate the job that the evaluatees perform during their daily teaching activities.
  1. Classroom Observation
  2. Sate educational standard evaluation
  3. Professional Development or Deliberate Practice
  4. Parent Survey

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