Coach One Benefits and Features

As Educators, we need data to help us make informed decisions, but all data are not created equal. In order to capture the right data, educators and administrators need the right tools. The Coach One Teacher Evaluation System provides educational institutions with tools that are structured, fair, and simple to use. Our system aids in the measurement of educator and student growth and helps to improve the quality of education within educational institutions throughout the state of Florida. The following list contains just some of the features and tools that help your school or classroom to make a difference.
  • Seperate Login Portals with simple collaboration tools
  • Real Time Reporting Of Educator Progress through Administrative and Educator Dashboards
  • Easy To Follow Task List To Accomplish All Supplemental And Required Goals Laid Out At The State, District And School Levels
  • Review of Historical Evaluation and Professional Development
  • Development Log for tracking Educator Self Development efforts
  • Feedback Log for collaborating with Administrators, Coaches, and Evaluators and measuring progress
  • Student growth data for measuring student academic performance
  • Value Added Model (VAM) measurement and reporting
  • Parent Survey capture and rollup
  • Substantially reduces time necessary for creating the Annual School Performance State Report
  • Full Compliance with Florida Statute 1012.34(1) (a), F.S.
  • Four calculation methods based on assessment types according to SB 1664
  • Strengths and professional needs for School improvement plan
  • Designed to coach teachers during the first three quarters in order to increase performance
  • Uses 100% quantitative methods to evaluate performance

The Coach One Teacher Evaluation system Was Approved at State Level On June 20, 2014

The Coach One Teacher Evaluation System for Educator and Administrators was reviewed and approved by The Leadership and Learning Center, a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH): Teacher & Principal Evaluation Plan Review panel for the Florida Department of Education.

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